Dental Implants Oviedo

The area that is now Oviedo has a rich history, and over the years has been populated by homesteaders, former slaves, Swedish immigrants, members of the Timucua clan of the Seminole Indians and many others attracted to its fertile land. Known for its historic buildings and houses, the city has appeared on several lists of the best places to live in America.

For those living in Oviedo who are seeking care for damaged or lost teeth, Altamonte Implant & Cosmetic Dentistry offers world-class dental implants under the guidance of a team that includes some of Florida’s most skilled cosmetic dentistry specialists.


There are any number of reasons a person can lose a tooth. Dentures came into existence to help those affected by this problem regain some quality of life – primarily the ability to chew and eat food.

The first known dentures appeared in northern Italy around 700 BC., made from human or even animal teeth. While different materials were used over the centuries, including walrus, hippopotamus and elephant ivory, the basic concept remained the same until the nineteenth century.

While we think of over-consumption of sugar as modern problem, it was already contributing to higher rates of tooth decay and loss in the 1800s. What changed at that time was mainly the adoption of longer-lasting materials, including porcelain, vulcanized rubber and plastics. At that time, replacement teeth were not an option.


In the 1950s, the American dentist Leonard Linklow discovered that titanium could fuse safely and securely with the human jaw, providing a foundation on which a replacement tooth could be mounted. By the mid 1960s, dental implants were being offered to patients.

For the first time in almost three thousand years of dental practice, it was possible for those who lost teeth to have replacement teeth with the virtues of their natural teeth – firmly fixed in place, functional, and easy to clean. Today, about 3 million Americans already have dental implants, and about 500,000 new implants are placed each year.


Losing a tooth can be very upsetting. Whether it’s the result of a sudden and unforeseen accident or the final stage in a process that has been ongoing for years, it’s a significant loss.

It’s hard to escape the sense that you have a permanent sign that you’re in worse shape that you used to be. If you have a role in life that brings you into contact with others, whether as a business person, a teacher, a service provider or other professional, a missing tooth can give you the feeling that your appearance may be a liability.

If you have never sought help with your problem from a truly qualified dentist, you are likely not aware just how dramatically, and how quickly, all this could change.


What does the term “false teeth” mean to you? The very word “false” seems to suggest an unbridgeable gap between a dental appliance and natural teeth. They don’t look the same. They don’t work the same.

In age where technology is so advanced that we can land remotely-operated vehicles on distant planets, is it really a surprise that it is also possible to model and create artificial teeth that match your existing teeth in shape, color and size?

Moreover, your implants, surgically fixed to your jawbone, have the stability of a natural tooth. You don’t need to take them out to clean them. You don’t have to worry that they will move and interfere with your ability to eat or speak.

You also won’t have to worry that others will notice them – other than to admire your healthy smile.


Altamonte Implant & Cosmetic Dentistry can provide any and all dental implants that you might need to remedy your specific problem. You’ll be best able to understand which service is right for you after an examination and consultation at our offices.


If you have lost a tooth due to injury or extraction, a single tooth implant is the gold standard for replacement. Unlike a bridge, which is attached to adjacent teeth and permanently alters them, the implant stands alone. You can preserve the adjacent teeth as they are because a titanium post is surgically inserted in your jaw, and your replacement tooth is attached to the post.

If you haven’t yet lost your tooth, but are going to have it extracted, the extraction and post placement may be accomplished in one appointment. This will depend on the exact condition of the tooth being removed; the dentist will be able to evaluate this for you.


It may surprise you to learn that more than 35 million Americans have lost all of the teeth on their upper or lower jaw. If implants are being used to replace them, is it necessary to insert a post for each tooth?

The “All-On-4” implant is a solution for such cases that achieves all the stability that a patient would want, reduces the trauma to the jaw and also greatly simplifies the task of achieving natural and aesthetic alignment.

In this procedure, just four posts are inserted into the lower or upper jaw. These then serve to support for a single arch of teeth that covers the entire jaw.

Over time, the posts fuse with the jawbone. In addition to providing the stability of natural teeth, the regular pressure on the jaw that occurs when you eat, which mirrors what happens with your natural teeth, helps to strengthen the bone and prevent bone loss.


If you don’t have enough bone density to support a full-size implant in your jaw, a mini implant may be the best solution for you.

Mini implants can be used to stabilize dentures or partial dentures. Sockets on the inside of the denture snap to the implants, preventing the denture from coming loose or popping out and making adhesive creams unnecessary.


Achieving the best results from an implant procedure involves both technical excellence and aesthetic sensibilities. The dentists at Altamonte bring both precision and artistry to their work.

Prosthodontics is the field of dentistry that is focused on restoring and replacing damaged teeth. Dr. Atila Miranda is certified in this specialty, a distinction he gained by completing three years of post-graduate training after receiving his DDS degree.

By studying and applying advanced techniques for precise implant placement and cosmetic dentistry, Dr. Miranda has gained the skills necessary to ensure the best possible outcomes from implant procedures.

His partner, Dr. Don Preble, has more then 40 years of experience with implant procedures. He has mentored many of Florida’s leading dental implant practitioners through his position as the founder and president of the Central Florida Dental Implant Study Group – thus he is known to achieve some of the best dental implants available.


Don’t wait any longer wishing things could change. Schedule a consultation and meet with our professional, caring team that can help you on the journey to a smile you are proud to share.