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Is teeth whitening really something new? From what we know, it’s been around for at least 4,000 years. Ancient Egyptians used a whitening “toothpaste” made of ground pumice stone and wine vinegar to bring shine to their smiles. Altamonte Implant & Cosmetic Dentistry is excited to offer access to a state-of-the-art teeth whitening that can give you movie star results in a shockingly short period of time.

At one point in history, barbers were responsible for care of both hair and teeth. Their procedure involved filing the enamel and applying a whitening acid. Whatever results this may have achieved were offset in the long run by the damage done to the enamel, which helps to prevent tooth decay.

Across all sectors of our society, technology marches on. Happily, this includes innovations in tooth whitening that have greatly increased both the efficiency of treatment and the quality of the results that can be achieved.


White hair may be a sign of advancing age, but in the case of teeth the color spectrum moves in the opposite direction. As you age the interior of your tooth, the dentin, gradually yellows. The outer layer of your tooth, the enamel becomes thinner – in part an after-effect of the brushing you’ve been doing for years to keep your teeth looking bright.

Regular consumption of beverages including coffee, tea and red wine stain your teeth bit by bit, year by year, shade by shade. Smoking tobacco – or, even worse, chewing it – adds to the discoloration.

It’s taken years to create the shade you see in the mirror, but it doesn’t have to take years to restore a healthy brilliant white with our advanced teeth whitening system.


Would you take a physical injury or illness to be treated at a shopping mall, a kiosk, or any establishment other than a doctor’s office? Would you watch a video on YouTube and do your best to fix it yourself? The same holds true for teeth whitening – when performed correctly, it is safer and produces far superior results.

If you want your teeth to be whiter, you may not see that as a medical problem. However, your teeth aren’t objects. They’re living things.

If you’re intending to alter a part of your body, there’s wisdom in doing so with the help of a skilled professional with training and experience in that body part and who has a full understanding of what is good for it and what could possibly harm it.

White teeth signify health, and your pursuit of them is best seen in the context of an effort to improve your overall dental health. It may well be that you have no other issues to handle and that whitening is a totally logical next step for you.

A dentist can give you certainty, safety, and real results, and can also help you have confidence that the steps you are taking to whiten your teeth will not damage them.


Dentists have only offered teeth whitening services for a few decades. Today, teeth whitening is the most commonly-requested dental procedure and it has spawned an $11 billion industry. It does seem that very white teeth are everywhere – from ads to entertainment to the boardroom. On one hand, this could be viewed as a current fashion. On the other hand, it’s hard to argue that whiter teeth are, in fact, more attractive. If they are now within reach of more and more people, that’s all for the good.


What if you could have the smile you’ve dreamed of after a single one-hour session of teeth whitening? That’s what the breakthrough Zoom! system can achieve.

Zoom’s innovative whitening process has helped millions around the world achieve a dazzling smile more easily than they would have imagined. Because of this, it is now in use throughout the world, in more than 15,000 dental offices.

If you’ve experimented with over-the-counter toothpastes, strips or mouthwashes, you know they have the potential to be as disappointing as they are expensive. You don’t need to spend weeks or months searching the mirror for signs of improvement. Patients regularly report that a single Zoom! session has brightened their teeth by as many as ten shades.


To ensure that your results are as good as possible, you should undergo a conventional tooth cleaning before your Zoom! treatment.

Once the session begins, the treatment is simplicity itself.

  • First, the dentist will apply a whitening gel that contains hydrogen peroxide to your teeth.
  • A special halide light is focused on your teeth to activate the gel and begin the process of stain removal. This continues for 15 minutes.
  • Another coating of gel is applied, followed by 15 minutes more of light.
  • This process is repeated one more time.


You can sustain the dazzling quality of your smile for a longer period if you implement a few practices in your dental hygiene routine.

  • Make sure you brush and floss your teeth two times each day.
  • Have your teeth cleaned at the dentist’s office every six months.
  • Reduce the amount of new staining by brushing your teeth directly after the consumption of coffee, tea or red wine.
  • Don’t smoke (or chew!) tobacco.
  • Use a Zoom! touch-up kit, available from your dentist.


Whitening is a worthwhile service, and one that brings real satisfaction to patients.

This is only the beginning of what we have to offer you. Your desire to present the best possible appearance to the world reflects your overall awareness of the importance of good health, including maintaining excellent oral and dental health.

Ultimately, a beautiful mouth is a healthy mouth. Our Altamonte team has the expertise to full evaluate your current condition, plan any treatment that may be needed and execute any services that you might need at the highest professional standards.


The color of your teeth is just one part of your overall oral health. As much as this may be where your attention is focused, it’s in your best interest to have a relationship with a dental professional who has a full understanding of what it takes to keep your mouth as healthy as possible for as long as possible.

There’s no dental issue that the specialists at Altamonte have not seen, and no problem that they cannot address with skill and confidence. This extends from the routine services you expect from your dentist to the most advanced surgical techniques.

Hopefully, you won’t need the full range of their skills – but even if you don’t, you would benefit greatly from being in the hands of professionals who have the knowledge and experience to prevent you from ever developing a serious problem.

Brightening your smile is a great first step. Why not make an even deeper commitment to the notion of health that brighter, whiter teeth represent?


The dentists at Altamonte are compassionate and highly-trained professionals at the top of their game.

Dr. Atila Miranda is an expert in prosthodontics, a dental specialty focused on repairing and replacing lost or missing teeth. He devoted three additional years of study to this field after receiving his DDS degree.

It is the role of a prosthodontic specialist to lead teams as they evaluate patients, develop treatment plans and execute them.

Over the past 40 years, Dr. Don M. Preble, has developed command of the full array of dental procedures, from the most routine to the most difficult surgeries. He is a renowned implant specialist who has mentored many of the state’s leading dentists.


Don’t wait any longer to find out how close you are to the smile you want. Schedule a consultation today for teeth whitening.